Kulaymata Mamburay

Geslacht: meisje
Geboortedatum: 10-1-2000
Weeshuis: via Tumani Tenda Development Fund in Gambia
Geadopteerd door: Stichting De Periodieke Gift

Kulaymata lives in Faraba Banta. She lives with her parents, 3 sisters and two brothers. Her father`s name is Sanna Mamburay and her mother`s name is Mama Camara. Her father was a teacher and her mother works as a secretary. Her mother travels everyday to and from Sukuta. Her father did the same but he got sick for nearly 3 years now. During the rainy season she goes to the farm with her siblings while her mum goes to work. Her dad`s elder brother lives with them together with his 3 wives. They do face difficulties at home because her uncle has to take care of the family single handed and sometimes she and her brothers have to go to school with empty stomachs and her mother will sometimes have to stay away from work because she doesn’t have money for transport.

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